Whatcha Doin?

1. I did not go to any stores this Black Friday. Sort of like the Black Friday before this and before that and before that. Long story short…I never go to the stores on black Friday.

2. Little Man finally got a haircut. Check it out:


Yeah he really needed a haircut. BAD


Oh Little Man. I can finally see your face. And ears. And neck.

3. I’ve been working on the kid’s Christmas List. It’s been fun. Sort of. Not at all.

4. Don’t let this precious face fool you. She’s been interesting the past couple of days. A little bit of sweet mixed in with a lot of sassy.

5. I’ve been working on Christmas decorations and while doing so, I’ve realized that I’ve become my mom. I have about 10 projects started but none finished.

6. All I want to do is bake. That’s what you do around the holidays. Make lots of goodies. I already informed Mr. Chaos that those who work with him will be getting lots of goodies in the coming weeks.

7. This week is a big one. Mr. Chaos turns the big 2-9 in the coming days!

8. I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet. Help me. Please!


One thought on “Whatcha Doin?

  1. Grammie says:

    He looks adorable. I can’t believe our Kendall could be sassy!!!! Tell her Santa is watching. Colin seems always in a good mood.

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