The Interesting Thing About Salads

I’m not sure there’s any interesting things about salads but can we talk about salads for a minute? I LOVE salads. Like big ole puffy heart LOVE them. Not because they’re healthy because, let’s face it, I trash up my salads with cheese and crunchy things and yummy goodness which is why I love them so much.


But damn I hate making them. I mean, you gotta chop up everything and if you want hard boiled eggs on them, you gotta plan ahead and let’s not forget the bacon that has to be cooked and the perfectly ripe avocado and some sort of chicken or shrimp. SO MUCH WORK for one meal. And it’s usually lunch and I hate…HATE…spending time making lunch. It’s my most boring meal of the day. and if I could eliminate a meal I would eliminate lunch. You could always do a big brunch followed by snacks and a nice dinner.

That’s not a bad idea.

Alas, my kids cannot skip lunch and neither can my husband so it seems eliminating lunch isn’t an option…for now (lunch be warned. You are on the chopping block).

Then it came to me. A bunch of my friends have been doing this magical thing called meal prep. Prepping meals and snacks so that the week goes by a little smoother. YES. I think I’m going to be starting this weekend. Because it would make it possible to have salads ALL THE TIME. Completely trashed up, magically delicious salads and easy and delicious and non-crap snacks for everyone too. A little more planning on my part but I think I can do it.

So here’s to meal prep. Have any tips? Send um my way. Lord knows I’m gonna need ‘um.


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