The Secret Group of Kids

I think kids have a secret group they go to to conspire against us parents. Have you ever wondered how all kids know the exact moment you sit down so they can run up to you and ask you for something? OR you sit down to do something important and they, all of a sudden, have the urge to tell you something important. And that something important is telling you a story about how the fast cars beat the slow cars.

IMG_6940 (1)

They just know. Which leads me back to my original point of kids having a secret group that they attend to discuss ways to drive parents crazy. Like, “Hey dude…I sense your mom has a massive headache so I think you should run around chasing your brother and screaming the entire time.” And “Hey girl. Fight with your brother all day. I heard your mom LOVES that.” Sometimes, they resist the group, they miss the meeting and they’re the sweetest kids in the world. But sometimes…they go to the group multiple times a day.

So the next time you’re wondering how on earth your child knows you just sat down so they could come ask you for a snack or why they’re running around screaming for no reason what-so-ever…Remember the secret group. When it feels like they’re reading your mind and doing the opposite of what you’re thinking, remember the secret group because chances are, when they do the unexplainable, they just got back from a secret group meeting and have all sorts of new ideas that make you wonder how they always know just the right buttons to push.

The secret group of kids…it’s a thing. Parents be warned.


One thought on “The Secret Group of Kids

  1. Lora Morton says:

    Sounds like you’re onto them. Maybe you will be coming this way if your sister-Iin-law gets busy and has this baby girl!!!!!! I know she is ready. Hope to see all of you soon.

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