Beauty in the Chaos

I’m convinced that every disaster that occurs in my house is K’s fault. And not because she intends to create a disaster but because her beautiful, creative self, wants to create things and sometimes those things turn out beautiful, other times they turn out like a giant mud puddle in the back yard that still hasn’t dried up after 4 days of being created.

She wasn’t trying to create a mud puddle but was trying to create a fountain in the backyard because she believed the fountain would make our backyard beautiful. And to get said fountain perfect, she had to leave the sprinkler on because, that way, she would know exactly how it was spraying.


I used to get frustrated with the mess and it still drives me crazy but I’ve realized that K isn’t me. She likes school because she gets to see her friends but she hates studying. Why study when she can be creating? Her room is always a mess no matter if she cleans it every day. She doesn’t understand the point of chores because it takes away from her drawing and why on earth should she read when she can be writing poems and songs herself?!ย  She’s brilliant and creative and creates beautiful disasters in my home that I have a love/hate relationship with because while I see disaster, she sees beauty.

And we’re trying to find a balance because, of course, she has to do chores and study and keep her room clean. Oh man, her room. It’s like a tiny tornado goes through it every day. I have no idea how she does it. But after watching her go from one creative process to the next, I’m trying to understand. She is my beautiful disaster, my creative minion, artistic genius, always thinking about the next masterpiece, and teaching her mama that cleaning may not be as important as once thought because there’s beauty in the chaos. There’s always beauty in the chaos, we just have to choose to see it.


One thought on “Beauty in the Chaos

  1. Lora Morton says:

    Of course Grammie thinks she is perfect!!! I see your point but maybe she is trying to think up things to keep the boys busy, which would help you. How’s that for taking her part. Lol. She may be a famous painter some day or a just a disaster. Ha ha. Whatever it is we will be proud of her. Love her to pieces!!!๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

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