Reach for the Stars

I really try to be a positive person. But I’m like everyone else in this world, I fail. Some days it takes every ounce of my being to put a smile on my face. Some days I wake up grumpy, knowing that the day is not going to be my best so why bother getting out of bed. The past week has been a little rough for various reasons and that’s fine because every person in this world has bad weeks, we just don’t always see that.

So rough week. I’ve been down about myself in certain aspects of my life believing things that I shouldn’t believe. I don’t know if kids sense these things or if my daughter is just that amazing (which, she totally is) but I needed something, a wake up call of sorts, to get me back on track. Back to the positive person I so love to be. Last night, my lovely girl handed me this:


A simple, “Reach for the Stars” message from my girl. Until you look at the back


and you realize that your daughter said the words that you needed to hear most and that no matter what I do, that girl looks to me to help her, looks to me to be there for her, and looks to me for the support she needs to get through the tough times in her life. She reminded me last night that even on my bad days, I’m still amazing to someone, even if that person isn’t me. She reminded me last night that I can do anything but everything requires work, there are no handouts. She reminded me last night, that at the end of the day, I am enough.


So yes, my darling daughter, I will reach for the stars and I will make you proud because no matter what happens, I am your pride.


One thought on “Reach for the Stars

  1. Eleanor Morton says:

    We all have those days —-but we all don’t have a little daughter that is so kind and so smart. She has always been your reason. To go on. That’s why her Grammie has always told her I love her to pieces and then I love the pieces. She is so sweet.

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