My kids won’t stop fighting. Except when they’re sleeping and I’m pretty sure at least one of them is dreaming about fighting one of their siblings.


It’s constant. One of them is either yelling at one of the others or actually fighting one of the others or crying about what one of the others has done to them which makes for excruciatingly long days.


It got so bad the other day that I forced Miss K and Big C to bed (and by bed I mean quiet time in their rooms…SEPARATELY) so I could actually hear myself think. Instead, I got slamming doors. One would slam the door and yell at the other. Then the other would open their door, yell back, and slam the door.


I just…no..I mean…no. I looked at Little C who was snuggled next to me, being as precious as could be, and told him to DO something. He spoke their language, he could make them understand they were being crazy. He just looked at me, smiled, and laughed which was no help at all. Meanwhile, the slamming doors was still happening.


So I stomped up the stairs while thinking what I could do to make the fighting stop. I couldn’t think of anything because my brain was still digesting all the fighting that had gone on that day and the day before that, and the day before that. I mean, c’mon kids. LOVE EACH OTHER.

Of course, once I got to the top of the stairs they instantly were done fighting and all, “Mom, it’s all good. We won’t fight anymore.” To which I said HA! And that’s when I came up with a plan.


I told my two older minions that the fighting will stop. That they will love each other and if they can’t figure out how to love each other on their own then I’ll help them figure it out. I told my lovely older minions that if they keep up the fighting I will tie them together. Yup. They will be tied together and will have to figure out how to get along because they will always be with the other. Miss K starting shooting holes in this theory by telling me that was impossible because they have school and they wouldn’t be able to go to school if they were tied together. To which I replied that they should probably learn to love each other pretty quickly then or Big C would have a nice little introduction to third grade. Big C was excited but the sheer look of horror on Miss K’s face was worth every ounce of fighting they did that day.

No they haven’t stopped fighting. And yes, I have lost every ounce of sanity I may have had but I’ll never forget that look on Miss K’s face when I told her that her brother would be going to school with her. #worthit



One thought on “War

  1. Lora Morton says:

    Poor Stacy!!!! Maybe no play time for a little while. Who knows. They r just kids like all of them. It can drive you crazy tho. Wish I could help you.

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