When you give your boys some bubbles

When you give your boys some bubbles chances are the littlest of them is going to dump them all 5 minutes after you bought them.


And after that sweet boys dumps them out, you give those boys some sidewalk chalk that you JUST purchased at the store. And chances are, after you give them that GIANT box of sidewalk chalk, the oldest boy is going to take his little play hammer to them and smash them all to pieces.


And after he smashes that sidewalk chalk chances are those two mischievous boys are going to be hungry but you tell them NOPE! It’s almost dinner time so they need to go get cleaned up. And you see those boys run into your room and you wonder why………and as soon as you can take a break from cooking dinner, you stroll into your room expecting the worst and find those boys…..


snoozing…at 5:30. And chances are if those boys are snoozing at 5:30, bedtime is going to be hell. And if bedtime is going to be hell, chances are you go immediately to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of wine.


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