Friday Morning Real Talk

1. This time change is kicking my ass. I’ve never had an issue with getting used to the time changes but this year…oh man. My body is still an hour behind which made me realize, I don’t want to do it anymore…no more of this time change silliness. I mean, we’re the only country who does it. WHY?! It’s got to go.


2. I need someone to come to my house just to make me margaritas. I love a good margarita, key word there is GOOD. Just my own personal margarita maker. Those exist. Please tell me those exist. I’ll pay with food.

3. I took the kids to Downtown DIsney yesterday to pick up my daughter who spent a few days with her Aunt at Disney. Have I told you how lucky we are to have such amazing family because we do and we are. She still hasn’t stopped talking about how much fun she had. The best part..I asked her if she was sad that Spring Break was coming to an end and she replied, “you mean my vacay? Yes. I never want my vacay to end” Vacay? I mean, she really needs to stop growing up.


4. Have you tried the tiramisu Latte from Starbucks yet? Have you?! Because it’s delicious. I thought it was going to be way to sweet but it’s not. Definitely not. It’s my new favorite drink which means they can NEVER take it away from me. Hear me Starbucks!!!! NEVER TAKE IT AWAY!

5. I’m tired of cooking. Like legit tired of it. Don’t want to do it anymore, should probably start a boycott. But then I remember that I do have a family to feed so I should probably try to get out of this funk of not wanting to cook anything EVER again. So tell me, what are some of your favorite things to cook or bake or something. I need ideas people.

6. It’s Friday. Time to take over the world! Or at least, get out of bed. But I’m pretty sure I need more coffee for that.


One thought on “Friday Morning Real Talk

  1. Lora Morton says:

    I’m so glad she had a good time. Janet will probably be sick for a week but she forgot she wasn’t as young as Sissie. Lol. I’m sure she wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I wish Great Grammie wasn’t so old that she could still do those kind of things.

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