Let’s Go Racing!

Big C had a race car derby at his school last week. It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever witnessed ever.


C was on cloud 9 the entire time and smiled from ear to ear. The kids had little “pit stops” where they had to stop and answer questions about themselves like what their address was and their name, phone number, things like that. There was a car wash and a pit area if their cars needed any fixin and they even had a little gas pump. I mean..ADORABLE.


And Big C did amazing. I got to hang out at one of the “pit stops” and ask the kids some questions and I found out that Big C wants to be a race car driver when he grows up which didn’t surprise me one bit. In fact, when he gets him “game time” aka video game time, he typically choses to play one of his dad’s race car games (shocker I know) and you know what…he’s good. Like REALLY good. As in, he gets first place A LOT of the time. I don’t even get first place. EVER. I feel like we’re on our way to a real race car derby followed by a 16 year old boy who is going to give his mama some heart attacks whenever he leaves the house to drive. Especially when he currently yells, “Let’s go racing” more times a day than I can count.


So if you’re keeping count I now have 2 car fanatics in the house which means I’m now outnumbered with any decision that involves cars.  And Little C is not far behind with his car obsession. I can’t even tell you how many matchbox cars we have. They have almost taken over my house, which is fine, until you step on one, or five. *sigh* At least, for now, only one of them can legally drive. Little Man will just have to settle with beating his mom and everyone else on his race car games.



One thought on “Let’s Go Racing!

  1. Lora Morton says:

    Well I will probable never have to try to live thru that!!!! But—–you will have me wishing you the best!! It could keep him from doing a lot of things that could be worse. I can’t think of any right off hand!!!! Lol

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