Spring Break WOOHOOHOO!

Whenever I think about Spring Break I go back to the Friends episode with Ross dating the very young Elizabeth who is going on Spring Break. And the group asks him if she going on Spring Break or Spring Break WOOHOOHOO! Because there’s a definite difference. When I was younger spring break was awesome. I’d spend my days at the beach and have no worries in the world. It was definitely SPRING BREAK WOOHOOHOO!!!!


Nowadays, however, spring break has a very different meaning. It is no longer SPRING BREAK WOOHOOHOO! Although I am pretty stoked that the kid’s spring break happened to fall on my two week break from classes AND on the week after daylight savings time  so I get a full week to get the kids used to the time change. WOOHOOHOO!!! Am I right?!

Real talk though…I miss when spring break was all about the beach and fun and not about spring cleaning and getting caught up in life because that’s what my week looks like this week. Getting caught up in life will be great but definitely not spring break woohoohoo more like spring break lame sauce.

Maybe one day, spring break will go back to the days where I spent the entire week soaking up the sun and living the hakuna matata lifestyle. One day, the husband and I will take the week to hang out in the Keys or maybe take a trip to Bora Bora (dream trip right there people). One day spring break will be taking the kids on some insane vacation full of fun and laughs. One day spring break will mean SPRING BREAK WOOHOOHOO again.


But until that day, spring break means spring cleaning. Spring break means feeling like I can breath again after being so behind in life I felt like I was drowning. Spring break means focusing on my minions and attempting potty training on my youngest. Spring break means real life and right now, I’m OK with that.


One thought on “Spring Break WOOHOOHOO!

  1. Lora Morton says:

    I’m glad Sissie is going to Mickey Mouse Land. I n know she will have a good time, but I know you will miss her.

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