The Long Walk Home

As a kid, I remember things my parents would do that I just hated. And I remember always thinking to myself that when I had kids there was NO WAY I’d do that to them. Nope. That was just mean and not cool. You hear that Mom and Dad…NOT COOL.

And then you grow up and have kids and suddenly you find yourself sounding A LOT like your parents. I mean, sometimes you say things exactly how they did. Word for word verbatim. And you’re all like, “HOLY CRAP. Did I really just say that to my kids. I SAID I’D NEVER SAY THAT!!!!”


Like the time where you were exhausted and had to drive from one coast of Florida to the other and traffic was horrible and your two older children were nonstop fighting. All you hear is “MOM!!! Make him stop making that noise” and “MOM!! She won’t let me watch her play that game” and “MOM! MAKE HIM STOP! HE’S ALMOST TOUCHING ME BUT NOT REALLY TOUCHING ME SO I’M GOING TO YELL AND MAKE YOU CRAZY!!!!!”


And you snap. You’re trying to drive, you can’t focus, and you just snap and tell those darlings, “PLEASE stop fighting (except you don’t say please) I’m trying to DRIVE and get us home SAFE! I can’t focus with all this FIGHTING. So stop fighting or I’m going to pull the car over and make you walk and it’s quite the distance to our house!”

And you stop and realize damn…my parents were awesome. I don’t know how they dealt with this because I remember many times my brother and I would fight and my parents would say something that was very close to what I told my kids yesterday. Of course I would never make my kids walk. That’s just crazy. But you know what? It worked. They didn’t fight the rest of the way home. There was silence for the majority of the way. Complete silence. Maybe my parents were on to something. And maybe I was wrong. I don’t want to be nothing like my parents. I want to be JUST like my parents because while I may have thought they were hard on me and did the weirdest things, I find myself doing all the things I told myself I’d never do. And guess what…they work.



One thought on “The Long Walk Home

  1. Eleanor Morton says:

    I think everyone that ever had kids found theirselves doing this. Do you think it might be because all kids r about the same???? Kids will be kids. That’s why we love them so much.

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