Friday Challenge


Oh Friday. How I’ve been dreaming of you. It’s been a long week full of realizations and hopes and dreams that tend to get forgotten or put to the wayside because there are “more important” things to be done. But you know what…those hopes and dreams that we think of are just as important as making sure our kids are taken care of. Those hopes and dreams MATTER.

So I have a challenge for you. Do it. Do something for yourself. Dare to be different. Dare to do the impossible. Even if that means getting that haircut you’ve been dying to get or buying that pair of shoes. Get back to painting or write a chapter in a book. Put the homework away for a day and do something incredible. Because you are important. Do something crazy. Be silly Not too silly that you do something that you regret but silly enough to say, “Wow. What?! I just did that!” Be you.

It’s Friday. Push your comfort zone to the max and be the person that doesn’t just write down those hopes and dreams but be that person that goes after those dreams. Be the person that looks back on their life and says, “I did that. I made that happen.”

TGIF people! Friday. How I’ve missed you.


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