The Shopping Conundrum

I went shopping at the outlet mall for the first time this past weekend. It was insane. So many stores, so many deals, so much awesome.


and the kids were awesome for the first half of the trip and then they decided to turn one of the stores into their own personal playground. Hide and seek is apparently the funnest thing to do when you can do it in a store and drive your mom crazy. And when the kids have been shopped for and the husband has his fancy suit and sunglasses and it’s time for momma to get her shop on…this happens…


because, of course. Which got me thinking back to all my shopping trips that included kids which has always concluded with the kids getting their stuff and then me becoming tired of lugging everything around so instead of continuing the trip, we just head home with bags of things the kids needed and zero of the things that I did. Which is fine until you realize that you have absolutely nothing to wear.

And yes, there are the times I get to go by myself but then I have zero clue what to buy and try on and I get totally overwhelmed by all the choices so instead I just grab a starbucks, sit in silence, and head on to Sephora to buy ALL THE BEAUTY STUFF because that’s how I roll. Anyone else addicted to Sephora? Just me? Ok then.

But I think….I THINK….I’ve found a solution to all my shopping woes. Enter Stitch Fix. So Stitch Fix is this awesome service that gives you a stylist, yup, your own personal stylist, that picks out five items that they think you’ll love. Of course, you fill out this survey and tell them your sizes so they can do their job that much better. Then they ship you these items, you do the happy dance when they show up, and then you try them on, IN YOUR OWN HOME. It was bliss.


I would have never chosen the things that she chose for me to try on. That’s the beauty of it. You have a stylist that chooses for you. I fell in LOVE with the items and was very impressed with my stylist for my first box. We had some size issues but after you checkout online, you can tell them exactly what you liked about each item and what you didn’t so your next box is that much better. AND you can link up your pinterest syle board so your stylist can get an even better idea of what you love.

Did I tell you that you get to try everything on at home?! And did I also tell you that anything you don’t LOVE you just put in the prepaid envelope they send you and stuff it in your own mailbox for your mail person to come pick up. Returns, without leaving the house. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Even better, you can schedule regular boxes to come to your door OR you can just choose to have one whenever you want to schedule it.

In a nutshell, I loved it. LOVED it. I’ve already scheduled my second box and I wish I would have chosen an earlier date. It’s amazing and awesome and I feel cool because I can say I have my own stylist.

So try it out. Stitch Fix. Click here. It’s awesome and fun and I highly recommend it!

*Note-I paid for this service and stitch fix has no clue who I am. I’m just a girl who loves clothes and needs some new ones in her life. I found this through a few friends that had tried it and loved it and thought it would be fun to try out. It was.





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