Monday Morning Coffee Date


If we were having coffee together this morning we’d talk about the beautiful Florida weather and how awesome it is to be able to go to the beach in February.

I’d tell you that little C says “mommy” after everything he says and it’s the most adorable thing in the world. “Thank you mommy.” “No mommy” “Snack Mommy” “Moooommmmyyyy.” All in his adorable little boy voice and it melts my heart. Even when he says it 5.65 million times a day it’s adorable.

I’d tell you that my daughter is 8 and apparently 8 is the new 13. The attitude is nothing short of spectacular (said with all the sarcasm in the world) and she says things without thinking. She is the sweetest most frustrating person in my house right now and is on the phone 9 out of 12 hours of the day. Well, maybe not THAT much but it’s a lot.

I’d tell you it’s hard seeing my daughter have so much in common with her daddy and not much with me. I’m so happy that they have so much in common but it’s hard that we’re not that close right now. I know that dynamic will change and later in life her and I will become great friends but right now, she’s her daddy’s girl and that’s awesome but it does hurt my heart a little.

And I’d tell you that Big C is doing great things in school. I’m so proud of the things he’s learning. I was worried that he’d be my crazy child at school always getting into trouble because he has a wild streak in him but he’s one of the sweetest boys at school. Home, with his brother, a different story but at school, he’s sweet and that makes me proud.

We’d talk about life and love and how amazing and frustrating and crazy it all is. We’d laugh and talk about how the hard times make us stronger and the good times make us grateful. We’d tell each other that real life is messy and hard and that it’s OK to want to run away to a hotel for a weekend completely alone just to breathe. And we’d look at each other thankful for someone who understands.

And then we’d laugh, get another cup of coffee, and talk about everything that’s right and wrong in the world. I’d tell you my dreams and you’d tell me yours and we’d tell each other that anything is possible ❤



One thought on “Monday Morning Coffee Date

  1. Lora Morton says:

    What a beautiful conversation with u. I wish I was closer so I could have all this with u. I miss not seeing u like I used too!! I understand why I can’t but I still miss seing u. It seems like the kids will never know me. Like I wish they could. When u get older and can’t keep them u miss out on so much. I still love them and u and Mr Chaios very much. See u soon maybe!!!

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