Sick Days

It finally happened. I caught the funk. The never-ending cold that knocks you on your ass and doesn’t care. Oh man.

At one point, the boys were literally running circles around me. I was sitting in bed, trying my best to get work done (spoiler alert, nothing got done), and they were running around me wrestling to their hearts content. And I didn’t care. Not a bit. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Bless my daughter’s heart for helping me out after she got home from school. I don’t know what I’d do without that girl. She’s the best of the best. She read to her brothers, played games with them and colored with them. And when I walked out of bed and saw this…


it got me thinking of how awesome it would be if when moms or dads that stay home with the kids and single parents who only have themselves, had a number to call where some Mary Poppins type nanny would come over to watch the kids while all you did was sleep off the funk. I mean, how perfect would that be?! You wake up, call a number, and BAM! Mary Poppins takes care of the kids, the house, everything. All that is required of you is sleeping. Perfection. Sweet, sweet perfection.

One day this will happen, dreams come true every day and whenever I’m sick, this is my dream so It’s destined to come true.  Until then, may the force be with us as we all try to take care of our babies while we’re taking care of ourselves and thank goodness for 8 year old daughter’s who love their moms enough to help take care of the brothers they hold so dear.


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