1. I need to make about 8,953 pans of these cinnamon rolls. So good. Recipe soon.


2. I’m listening to my favorite morning show, The Bobby Bones show. Check it out. They’re awesome. #pimpinjoy

3. Can we just go back to Saturday? Spent the weekend at Epcot and it was pure bliss. Lots of food. Lots of drink. Tons of fun.


4. It’s not even 7am and my boys are fighting non-stop. It’s how they roll.

5. Not enough coffee in the world to get me through this day.


True Story.


One thought on “Currently

  1. Lora Morton says:

    Glad you were able to take a little time off. You really need it. Tell those boys if they fight they can’t have any rolls!!!! They look delicious. Waiting for the recipe—-

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