Dancing Queen

My daughter had her first dance last week. Let’s just take a step back and reread that sentence shall we? My baby girl had her FIRST DANCE last week.

It wasn’t like the dances where a boy asks a girl and all that stuff. It was just a school dance fundraiser where she went to meet her friends and dance but still. Her first dance. I’m still in denial.


And I’ll probably always be in denial because she’s my sweet angel baby who has gotten me through 5 deployments and countless military trainings. She doesn’t know it but I’ve leaned on her so much through her 8 years of life and I’ll continue to do so for many years to come.

The best part of the dance?! Oh guys. My sweet, SHY, little girl who swears that she’s afraid of being in front of tons of people….well I was told that my shy little girl was the FIRST kid on the dance floor dancing.


I was completely shocked and awed by this. It made me so proud of her and happy that she’s finally taking little risks and leaps of faith. She’s doing things and living and having fun.


She’s going to be trouble in the next few years but right now, she’s my little dancing queen who loves ninja turtles and horses. Who tries to sneak on makeup and has a style sense I don’t understand at all. She’s so much like her father it’s crazy yet in some moments I see myself. She’s the icing to my cake and the most beautiful girl in the world.


One thought on “Dancing Queen

  1. Lora Morton says:

    Grammie’s not over the shock yet. They do need to get around other children and have a good time. I’m glad she got out and danced as she thinks she is shy. I think she will get over that maybe sooner than we want!!!! She is a sweetheart. Love her so much. 😇😇😇

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