Growing up, I remember always being outside. My parents made sure of it. We would run in the backyard, swing, kick the soccer ball around and even play football in the street. Crazy I know. It was awesome and some of my best childhood memories come from being outside. OK, the majority of my best childhood memories come from being outside. Playing sports, playing with our friends, and being with my family and our family friends. The best.

And yeah, we had Nintendo and we played on game boys and eventually we had a computer. But we still always wanted to be outside. I’m sure there were times my parents had to force us and I’m sure there were times that we much rather wanted to play Mario one more time to beat our last high score but what I remember is riding my bike down the street, begging to play football with the boys, and going horseback riding as often as I could.


Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of the importance of being outside. My kids would rather play game after game than run around. Except for Little C. He could live outside and be perfectly happy. Once the older two are  forced outside, they have an amazing time. The fighting stops and the laughter begins.


And I watch them and wonder why we aren’t outside more and make a vow to myself that we will be outside more. ALL THE THINGS will be done outside. The reality of it is, life happens, I have a to-do list longer than I’d like to admit and the outside time gets less and less and game time gets more and more.


I figured today is as good as any to tell life to suck it. Life is messy, bad things happen, and most days my to-do list isn’t finished. So what? The mess can be cleaned, the bad things made into good, and my to-do list can be finished another day. It’s time to take our lives back. Sure, my kids will always love playing on their games and I don’t mind that they do. But, as in most things, moderation. More outside time, less TV, more family time and reading, less tablet and gaming things, more laughing, less fighting. Because our best memories aren’t of sitting in front of the tv or beating that high score on our video games. Our best memories are doing things with the people we love, doing things that make us feel good about ourselves, and doing things that make us and those around us happy.



One thought on “Outsiders

  1. Lora Morton says:

    You r such a good mother !!! You r so right they will remember the good times outside a lot longer than how many video games they played. They look so good.

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