Fun with Food

Can I tell y’all how much I’m in love with farmers markets these day.


I’ve been going to one of the local markets with the kids and I just love it. All the handmade and homemade stuff. It’s just beautiful. There are some talented people out there folks. Not to mention the most beautiful produce. I don’t think I’ll go back to buying my produce at the grocery store unless absolutely necessary.

And…I’ve already started making all things pumpkin. was just pumpkin muffins but now I want it all. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin cake, pumpkin anything. And it’s not just me who’s excited for all things pumpkin. The kids are pumped too.

So, since we so pumped for pumpkin everything I thought I’d share some pumpkin recipes that I will be making in the next few weeks…

1. These pumpkin donuts. Oh yes. They will be in frequent rotation.

2. You had me at brown butter with these but brown butter and pumpkin. YES.

3. My husband would disagree, but cinnamon makes everything better. So pumpkin cinnamon swirl bread. uh..winning!

4. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Enough said.

5. My personal favorite…because I adore soft pretzels...Cinnamon sugar pumpkin soft pretzels. Get in my belly like now. Please.



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