Thursday Thoughts


1. Starting the potty training journey with the wee one. No, I don’t have high hopes. Potty training has always been hard. So, I’m going into this one with the idea that hopefully he wants to be a big boy and be like his brother and sister.

2. So…I was listening to the radio and turned it to one of the local rock stations because, yes, I like good rock music. But can we talk about rock music these days…I mean…seriously. I’m going to give a shout-out to my dad and thank him profusely for teaching me all about GREAT rock music because the rock music of today…ewww.

3. Speaking of music, y’all know I’m a country girl at heart and I’m not one to listen to talk shows but have y’all heard The Bobby Bones Show. I stumbled upon it last week and it’s my favorite. I listen to it every morning while driving to and from drop-offs. It’s just awesome.

4. Since it’s Thursday, I decided I would throw in a little throwback picture for you guys….

Throwback soccer

So yeah..that’s me…you know, where the arrow is and with the giant ankle wrap. Soccer was and will always be my life. I miss it like crazy. So much so that I hope one of my kids takes to it. I could totally rock the soccer mom thing.

5. Today…well, today is a day I’ll never forget. A day my family will never forget. So take a moment today to remember those who lost their lives this day. Remember those who saved so many lives that day. Remember our soldiers who have fought for our country and have paid the ultimate sacrifice and those who are still fighting. 9/11/2001…Never forget.


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