Oh What a Morning…


I woke up grumpy this morning. Mainly because I knew it was going to be a long day and I wasn’t going to have time for my coffee this morning and coffee makes me happy. I had to rush Miss K to school to get to Little C’s freakishly early Dr. appointment because of the entire month they only had ONE DAY with open appointments and they only had 4 open appointments and the other 3 were during pick-up times from school. So freakishly early appointment it was. So I woke up grumpy.

And I knew after I dropped Big C off at school, I was immediately going to Starbucks because I desperately needed coffee. My eyes were barely staying open and it was only 9. The entire way to Starbucks I was grumpy and I kept thinking to myself that I should do something good today. So I decided on the way over that I was going to pay it forward and pay for the person behind me (if there was a person behind me). Which I totally did and it made me feel amazing and I hope that it brightens their day. But…imagine my surprise when I pull up to the window and am told that the person in front of me paid for my drink.

Here I was, grumpy all morning. Grumpy at the kids, grumpy at Mr. Chaos for not being here (which is totally not his fault), and just grumpy and then this. I figured I would help brighten someone’s day and here was someone trying to do the same.

So to that random stranger,

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be better today. I will be happier and I will continue to pay it forward. I have no time to be grumpy. My kids don’t deserve for me to be grumpy and neither does my husband. Today will be a good day. I will be happy and I will be thankful.

So thank you.

I know that paying for someone’s coffee seems silly but it really can make a difference. Sometimes people just need something to cheer them up. Something to remind them of good things. Of happy things. I did. I needed that today. And I will definitely try to pay it forward more often.




2 thoughts on “Oh What a Morning…

  1. G&G Shroll says:

    Yes, Stacy, it sometimes does just take a small thing to make a great day.
    So glad someone sent you a hug! And paying it forward DOES make a wonderful happening. Hope you have better days for the rest of the month.
    Think about how lucky you are – if ever you are in doubt read the book by Malala (the young girl from the Mideast who was shot by the Muslims because she dared to go to school and urge other women to do the same)
    Quite a story.

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