Thursday Thoughts


1. I’ve discovered that when I’m stressed my kids feed off of it and are insane. When I’m all nice and calm so are the kids. We had such a great day on Saturday because I was nice and calm and all, “if things get done, they get done. If not, no worries.” And then Sunday was straight out of a horror movie. The kids were insane because I was all, “OH MY GOSH! I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE NOW!!!!” Moral of the story, I need to stress less and be much more zen.

2. Oktoberfest beers are hitting stores and I could not be more excited! In fact, I had my first Oktoberfest beer of the season this week and I was instantly reminded of another reason I have fallen in love with Fall.

3. I’m going decorating crazy at the house. I want to DO ALL THE PROJECTS! Except I don’t have the time to do all the projects. Hopefully some will get done this weekend.

4. Little C has become Mr. Independent and wants to do all the things that his brother and sister do. This includes not sitting in the cart when we go to the store which, I just can’t do. Unless it’s just me and him at the store and then he helps me push the carts but with all three kids, he’s got to go in which usually brings on this lovely screaming match in which all the people look at me with their crazy eyes. Unless I bribe him. Then and only then does he go in willingly which makes me mother of the year of course.

5. I found my new favorite quote ever last night and it comes from none other than Mr. Ben Franklin.

“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

I could not agree more Mr. Franklin. Could not agree more.



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