Fit Friday

I have two things to tell you.

1. Since we’ve been moving, I haven’t really been working out. My body needed a break anyway so the timing was good. However, I am definitely ready to get back at it. I started, slowly, with a workout yesterday and it felt great but I could definitely tell I took a week and a half off. Today I’ll be sticking with yoga and next week, it’s back to the grind.

2. You guys know I’m vehemently against dieting. I 100% feel that in order to get results you need to make lifestyle changes. I feel like dieting is just a temporary fix. So whenever my husband talks to me about diets like paleo, I typically nod and say, “you don’t need to diet babe,” and then zone out while he continues to talk to me about dieting because dieting…UGH. For months he’s been talking to me about the zone diet. And I told him the same thing, “babe..I’m not dieting. Nope. I WILL NOT give up my coffee and if I want a cookie, I’m going to eat a cookie. Moderation babe. Not dieting.”

To which he replied, “BUT…what if you were eating the things that helped your body get to your fitness goals?”

“Don’t care. Not dieting. Nope. Won’t do it.”

Except we’re doing the zone diet. Sort of. So the zone diet. I couldn’t tell you much about it because…yeah. Mr. Chaos just forwards me the meal plan from this site and I cook the meals. I guess I’ll have Mr. Chaos tell you about the zone not diet because I don’t diet and it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle change.

I still drink my coffee and eat my cookies if I want cookies but for meals we typically go this route most days. I still cook things like ropa vieja and enchiladas because what’s life without some amazing food. But I will tell you that all the recipes we’ve tried from the meal plans are delicious and even kid approved which is huge.

So that’s my deep, dark, dirty secret. We’re sticking to this zone lifestyle change because it’s not a diet because I don’t do diets.


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