Thursday Thoughts


1. My kids. My world. Love them. They may drive me and their daddy absolutely nuts but man….life wouldn’t be life without them.

2. Miss K and I are having, let’s call it, difficulties. We’re just so different. It makes understanding each other hard but we’re working on it.


3. Speaking of Miss K, I told her to pick out some flowers to plant and she immediately said she wanted to plant a hibiscus plant. A girl after my own heart. The hibiscus is my all time favorite flower. So maybe we have one thing in common.

4. Things are finally getting settled around here. I’m hoping to have us all on a good routine next week. Still TONS to do around the house but we’re getting there which makes me happy. Now to start doing all the DIY projects possible 😉

5. Life is busy and frustrating and fun and chaotic and full of happiness. I’m learning that all the little happy times we have together take away all the frustrations of life. Enjoy the little moments.


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Eleanor Morton says:

    Just look at those three darling kids. They couldn’t
    Do anything wrong!!!! Lil Miss is so
    perfect I can’t imagine what you are
    talking about!!!!!!!Lol. By the way I like hibiscus flowers too!!

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