Farm Adventures

Things have been so busy around here I forgot to tell you about the farm!


So we went to a petting farm. The end.

OK..just kidding. We did go to a petting farm. In fact, it’s the same petting farm I went to when I was a little girl. And by little girl, I mean I was in Kindergarten. I remember going to the farm and catching a chicken. I was all proud of myself. I was SO EXCITED to take my kids and watch them catch all the chickens. Except they didn’t. They could have cared less about the chickens.


I mean..look at her face. It’s all, “What the heck am I doing holding a chicken. Mom…please? Help me!” And no she didn’t catch the chicken. My mom did. And then gave it to her.

And the boys only wanted to sit on the tractors because




And then there was me who was catching chickens and ducks like a pro. I think my mom and I had the most fun out of everyone. We even got to hold a baby chick and baby duck. Just like Friends! You know…Joey…Chandler…baby chick and baby duck. Pure Awesomeness.


This dude was seriously adorable. So adorable, I was considering taking him home. I mean…I could totally raise some baby ducks. And some baby chicks. So uh..hey Mr. Chaos…how about we buy ourselves a farm? No. OK then. #teamfarm #babychicksandbabyducksforlife


One thought on “Farm Adventures

  1. Eleanor Morton says:

    You might know,the only thing those boys r
    going to like is something they can drive!!!!
    Then Sissy would rather ride the horse it
    looks like. Oh well everyone had a good time
    And thats what counts.

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