Back to the Grind

Holy moly…sorry for the silence but things have been absolutely nuts around here. Let’s see…we decided that we should move the weekend before the kids started school (not an idea I recommend), and I’m still up to my ears in unpacking. Because when you move with 4 kids (have to include the husband guys…because…yeah) you never get the chance to unpack. I’m pretty sure we’ll be living in boxes until we move next. But that’s not the point, the point is…the kids started school last week! I’m pretty stoked about having 2 of my 3 minions in school.



I’m still in a bit of shock that my only daughter is in 3rd grade this year but so far she loves it. Except the work part of it. The two biggest subjects they work on (English and Math) are the two she doesn’t like the most so it should be a fun year. Also, the 8 year old attitude might be worse than the 13 year old attitude. Remind me I said that once I deal with the 13 year old attitude but oh my…this girl is super particular and always seems to want to do what she wants when she wants and if anyone gets in her out. 8 might be the new 13 guys. Watch out.


Then there’s Big C who LOVES going to school and has so much fun. It’s funny listening to him tell his sissy about his day and watching her get all mad because she had to do work all day while he got to swing all day. Ha! Oh the joys of growing up. Whenever Miss K tells me she wants to get older, I remind her about all the joys of being young. And she usually rolls her eyes. Seriously…8…the new 13.

Of course Little C is just crazy. He’s either really, really sweet and snuggly, or he’s insane and getting into everything and driving me crazy. There is no middle with him. He is probably the most rambunctious of all the minions. Maybe he feels like he needs to be noticed since he’s the youngest…I’m not sure but as crazy as he drives us, we love him anyways.

So yeah…life is crazy at the moment. I’ve learned that in order to succeed in the chaos you have to embrace it. So here’s to the chaos!


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