baby chaos

My sweet baby boy is two today. I can’t believe it. I remember being pregnant with him. I remember going to the hospital and I remember holding him for the very first time. There is no way he is two.


But here we are, celebrating his second birthday.

Little C is crazy and an absolute mess but he is the sweetest little mommy’s boy. He is smart and stubborn, wants to do everything his big brother and sister do, and he is absolutely hilarious.

He loves mickey mouse and minions and he can sing almost every song in Frozen. He loves to dance and wants to do everything by himself which makes me crazy.


He is such a blessing to our family and I couldn’t imagine a world without him in it.


Happy birthday to our favorite 2 year old in the entire world. We love you sweet boy ❤



3 thoughts on “Two

  1. Eleanor Morton says:

    Lil C will always keep u on your toes!! But that’s
    what will always make u wonder what
    he will do next !!!!! Makes for good memories
    as you get older.

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