Thursday Thoughts


1. My car decided it didn’t like me on Tuesday and stopped working….while at a stoplight. Like, it was running fine but as soon as I went to drive, it just wouldn’t move and made an awful sound. It was awful. Luckily I wasn’t on a busy street and luckily 2 nice people helped me push my car off on a side road so I could call and get it towed. Here’s your PSA for today..if you have a 2011 Kia Sorento…call and see if there are any recalls because that’s what happened. There was a recall and my notice must have gotten lost in the mail thanks to moving a lot and the part that was recalled went bad. But everyone at Kia was very nice and did everything they could to help me get my car fixed. Fingers crossed I get it back today.

2. Totally related to the car issue above…HOW DO YOU GUYS LIVE WITH ONE CAR?!?! I might be going a little crazy and need to get out of the house ASAP. I mean, we play outside and go for walks but it’s totally different than being able to be free and go wherever I want whenever I want and yesterday, of course, was the perfect beach day.

3. It’s August which means next month is September which means FOOTBALL!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am for football to start. Mr. Chaos and I love us some football. Time for football, beer, and BBQ!!!!

4. My two older minions have been enjoying the past week on “vacation” with my mom so it has just been me and Little C and I’m pretty sure Little C is OK with that. He might be unhappy when the two olders get home tomorrow because he has me all to himself. All the attention…all the stuff…everything. He’s especially been loving the mommy snuggles.


5. Speaking of Little C, he’s going to be 2 on Tuesday. 2. How in the world is my sweet baby boy going to be 2?!









One thought on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Eleanor Morton says:

    I told u to call me, you could if had my car. Glad u r
    Getting your car soon. I can’t believe Lil Chaos is 2 either.

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