Fit Friday

My daughter wanted to quit gymnastics. After lots and lots of questions of why I finally got an answer…well a couple answers. 1. It was hard and 2. she didn’t want me to stay and watch. WHAT?! I know. I was a little heartbroken that she didn’t want my support there but she’s easily embarrassed, something I’m really working on with her, and I figure one day she’ll want me there to watch her again. But the fact that gymnastics was hard…it was something we talked about for a long, long. LONG time. Because of course it’s hard and of course she’s not going to see the results she wants right away but that first time she gets a handstand by herself or the first time she can do a full split…worth it.

The same goes for working out. It’s hard. It hurts and most days, it just plain sucks. But after the first couple weeks, you’ll start seeing those results and you’ll tell yourself that every minute of pain was worth it.



Wednesday-Tabata-5 sets of each exercise sets for 20 secs on/10 off

Set 1: Burpees-Weighted squats
Set 2: High Knees-Weighted Lunges
Set 3: Jump Rope-Weighted v-ups
Set 4: Front to back jumps-Bridge Arm Press
Set 5: Weighted Butt Kicks-Plank

*Between each exercise set I added 15 second side planks each side.


Set 1: High Knees-Knees to elbows
Set 2: Skaters-Weighted sumo squats
Set 3: Jump rope-Pulse jump squats
Set 4: Front to back jumps-Kettlebell arm press
Set 5: Side to side jumps-Walking Plank

*between each exercise set I added 15 second side planks-each side


60 jump rope
30 second plank
40 front to back hops
30 second plank
20 skaters
30 second plank

Dead Lift Row
Push Press

10 minute AMRAP

10 push-ups
15 sit-ups
20 squats




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