Thursday Thoughts


1. Target…also known as the money pit. I go in with a list and no matter how hard I try, I always come out with 10+ things not on the list.

2. I feel I should get an award for taking Miss K school shopping and actually enjoying it. I’ve learned when taking my daughter shopping that I have to remember 2 things…First thing-she’s never going to like what I like so I prepare myself when I’m picking things out that she’s going to say no. I don’t know if she says no because she doesn’t like it or because I picked it out but she always says no. And second…She will shop all day long which is the complete opposite of me. So I have to mentally prepare myself to shop for 8 hours.

3. I got a pair of these pants and they are probably the most comfortable pair of pants in the world.

4. I feel like the only pictures I share with y’all are of Little C. This isn’t because he’s my favorite but is because my other two minions have been running around like crazy with their friends and whenever I get the camera out to take their pictures, they run away. So yeah.

5. I made some homemade nutrigrain bars with some homemade jam to go in the middle and guys…I can’t stop eating them. They’re so delicious. And yes, I’m sharing the recipe soon. I think. I’m not sure if I’m ready to share this recipe it’s that good.



2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Eleanor Morton says:

    Sounds good. I still remember taking the granddaughter
    School clothing buying. We came home
    With nothing. I decided then to give Mommy
    the money and she could take her!!!!!!!
    they really know what they want. I didn’t and
    don’t have the patience any more for that. Lol

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