A Peek into the Chaos

Yesterday. Oh good gracious yesterday. It was a day for the history books. A day that was more insane than most. Except, these days, it feels like each day is more insane than the last. And the days seem to get longer and longer which just isn’t cool. And days like yesterday make me think about all the times people call me superwoman and tell me that I’m a great mom because, well, I’m just your regular ole’ mom who struggles some days to get to bedtime. And to prove it, I  thought I’d give you a glimpse into one of my days. A peek into the chaotic, wonderful, frustrating life of me and my minions family.

On a typical day…

*Little C is up at 6:30 wondering around the house yelling because he wants his milk which then wakes up Big C and Miss K so we’re up. And Mr. Chaos, well that lucky duck is at PT escaping the random yelling for milk and the crying from Big C who is accusing me of never feeding him because it’s 6:3o and breakfast isn’t on the table (and because he’s half asleep still) and Miss K is already asking to use my phone which…no…it’s only 6:30.

So breakfast is made, kids are eating, coffee is being inhaled, and all are happy. So I try to write up some posts and do some computer work when Miss K and Big C decide it’s time to go get their friends to play except it’s only 7:30 in the morning. And when they are told “No” they are instantly frustrated and I’m instantly dubbed a “big meanie.”


The rest of the morning goes something like this:

I workout, we leave the house to do something to keep the kids entertained and then it’s lunch time, nap time, and all that good stuff.

Then the afternoon comes. For fun, let’s review yesterday afternoon…

It’s pouring down rain so we’re trapped in the house. I’m trying to get a few more things taken care of on the computer and then…CHAOS!


Miss K wants a snack so I tell her she’s 8, she can figure out what she wants, ask if it’s OK, and then go get it herself. Which she does. Then she “helps” Big C get something to drink which they drop on the floor but don’t tell me about. Then Big C puts his drink down and Little C grabs it and dumps it out all over the floor. So I clean that mess up, take the towels to the laundry room where I see that, in the kitchen, Miss K has laid towels all over the floor so I ask her why which is when she tells me about the drink spillage. And while she’s telling me about the spillage the dog starts peeing all over the floor and while I’m running him outside and grabbing a towel to clean up that mess, Little C (who’s a professional puddle jumper) decides that he wants to jump in the puddle except it’s not a water puddle it’s a pee puddle.


Then Miss K starts having a meltdown because she can’t get her friends because it’s thundering and pouring down rain but all she sees is her mom telling her that she can’t do something to which she replies that I’m a big meanie that never lets her do anything nevermind the fact that she’s been hanging out with her friends all week and I bought her an absurd amount of school clothes but that doesn’t matter because I won’t let her wear them because she’s not in school yet so obviously I do nothing for her.

And the day isn’t over. It’s not even dinner time yet.

But the point is this…my life is chaotic. My kids aren’t angels. But, at the end of the day, my kids get ready for bed, give me a big hug, and tell me they love me. At random times, Miss K tells me that I’m the best mommy and Big C randomly says that he “woves” me which is the cutest thing ever.

One of my blogger friends wrote this post this morning and she’s absolutely right. Motherhood isn’t easy. It will never be easy. There will be good days, OK days, and days you don’t know how you’ll get through. It is challenging yet rewarding. It is a precious gift that keeps on giving and a gift you sometimes want to return.

So I’m savouring the good days and learning from the bad. Because all we can do is learn to love the ride.



One thought on “A Peek into the Chaos

  1. Eleanor Morton says:

    Thank God for bedtime. I know sometimes
    you r ready to throw your hands up and
    just quitting. But then they do or say something
    that makes it worth it all. Hang in there!!!

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