Fun with Food


1. I was trying to cut back on my coffee intake this past week. Then I remembered that 1. I make some damn good coffee and am slightly addicted to Starbucks caramel macchiatos (they’re my every once in a while afternoon pick me up) and 2. I have three kids that never stop moving and coffee has gone from an indulgence in the morning (because I definitely like mine with cream and sugar and don’t tell me to cut that out because I won’t. Can’t stop, won’t stop) to a necessity.

2. Speaking of drinks..I’ll take about 10 of these.

3. And about an entire pitcher of these. SWEET TEA SANGRIA. Get out of here. Sounds amazing minus the peaches of course because peaches don’t belong anywhere except buried in the dirt. If you didn’t know…I’m not a fan of peaches. Or mangos (unless they’re in salsa), or cantaloupe or melon.

4. In an effort to reduce the amount of processed food in our diets, I’ve been cooking up storm and looking all over my foodie blogs to find some homemade snack recipes for the kids. So far, I’ve found a TON of deliciousness. But if there’s one thing that my kids are addicted to that I have no clue how to make, it’s gummies. Then I found this recipe that I’m hoping to make this week because if they like it…gummy situation solved!

5. Finally…these quesadillas. I will be making ASAP! I love quesadillas especially ones stuffed with delicious food.



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