Thursday Thoughts


1. Sometimes, when we’re at the beach, helicopters fly insanely low and it’s awesome.

2. Speaking of doing things outside…This summer has been unusually rainy. A typical Florida summer gives you a little, teeny, tiny, rain shower around 3pm and ending at 3:05 pm. Not this summer. By the time I get all the morning stuff done, it’s already clouding up and when it starts to cloud up you know the rain is about to come and then it rains the entire afternoon. Not cool Florida. Not cool.

3. Remember the days when your parents forced you outside and told you to run and play and you stayed outside all day and even got upset when it was time to go inside? The days where the TV was off all day long except on rainy days? The days where you played football in the street, ran in the sprinklers, and played in the mud? I miss those days. Methinks I should show my kids the joys of my childhood.

4. I need these margaritas in my life. Perfect for watching the kids roll around in the dirt.

5. Related…I need a vacation with those margaritas in my life OR I need my life to just be a vacation all the time. No work allowed. Perfection.


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