Boy Who Cried Wolf


This kid.

I was really worried about Little C yesterday. He wasn’t himself most of the day and in the morning he started lifting up his shirt, pointing to his tummy, and crying. Not normal. I kept checking him for a fever and just snuggled with him while watching Frozen (over and over and over). Basically just making sure my sweet baby was OK. He fell asleep, I got some work done, and then he woke up and was back to his normal, get into everything, self.

So I overreacted. It was just a tummy ache.

But then later he started doing it again. Pulling up his shirt, pointing to his tummy, and crying. But this time he was adamant that he wanted his shirt off. Like screaming, “OFF! OFF! HELP!”

Can I tell you how cute it is when he asks for help. It’s actually kinda adorable.

So he yells for help, I run over and pull his shirt off, pull him to me, and snuggle the crap out of him, worried again that something is wrong with my sweet boy.

Until he smiled up at me, pulled his shorts off and started running around in his diaper. It seems that Little C did not have a tummy ache but instead just wanted to run around the house, naked. So I chased after him, he laughed, and then decided that even a diaper was too much clothing.


I then had a long talk with Little C about the boy who cried wolf. Except he’s not even 2 and he laughed almost the entire time I was talking so I’m not sure he was understanding what I was saying.

Kids. They be crazy.


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