Thursday Thoughts-Beach Edition


1. We LOVE the beach!!!

2. We don’t love the sand that comes home with us after the beach.

3. Miss K is teaching herself to body surf which means we need to get her on a surf board immediately. Also? I think Big C would love surfing. He found a raft the other day and immediately started trying to stand on it in the water. I must buy all things surf now!


4. Little C started out being scared of the water. He’d go in and as soon as a teeny tiny wave came, he’d run out. But, he seems to be warming up to the water and even put me through a crazy trust exercise. He ran into the water..stopped…saw a wave and immediately threw his arms in the air (not knowing if I was behind him but of course I was) waiting for me to “jump” him over the wave. That’s some trust.

5. The ocean = my happy place


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