My sweet baby girl is eight. EIGHT. I can’t believe it. In two years, I’ll have a daughter in the double digits. Pretty soon after that she’ll be off to junior high and then she’ll be starting to learn to drive. Someone please MAKE TIME STOP!


So, since my beautiful girl is eight today, I thought I’d share 8 fun facts about Miss K with you….

1. Her favorite food is sushi. Not kidding. This girl can eat some sushi.

2. I can’t shop for her anymore and haven’t been able to for a couple of years now. Why you ask…she is beyond picky when it comes to clothes. And she’s always loved picking out her own stuff. So we go shopping together and it’s usually equal parts of fun and agonizing because we both like completely different clothes.

3. Miss K has a love for pink that I will never understand.

4. She’s equal parts girlie girl and tomboy which I find awesome. She loves all the girl stuff but doesn’t mind digging in the dirt or playing in the mud.

5. Dragons. The kid has a thing for dragons. Which is pretty awesome.

6. She loves Katy Perry. Every time we get in the car she wants me to put on Katy Perry songs.

7. She’s shy and outgoing all at the same time.

8. Miss K is absolutely perfect in every way. She’s smart and beautiful. She’s caring and stubborn. She’s sensitive and sweet. She’s my angel and daddy’s little girl. She’s amazing in every way.

Happy birthday to the sweetest, most beautiful, and perfect girl in the entire world! We love you Miss K!


One thought on “Eight

  1. Eleanor Morton says:

    I agree with everything you said!!!!!
    She is so kind to me when she is around.
    Sometimes it’s. Hard to believe she is only

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