Thursday Thoughts


1. Big C has been having epic meltdowns. Like last night…about wearing pajama pants. Or two nights before because he had to go to bed and his sister didn’t. Or the night before that, in the middle of target, because he couldn’t get a car. I’ve always said three is the hardest age but with Big C…four is proving very…VERY…difficult. And 90% of the time, he really is the sweetest boy. But that 10%…oh man. It’s epic meltdown time.

2. Miss K is doing great things at gymnastics. She’s come a long way in just three short classes. I’m so proud of her.


It helps that she looks beyond adorable. And she’s going to be 8…in 5 days. Please make time stop.

3. Three kids during the summertime is proving difficult. All 3 want to do different things so I’m always being pulled in different directions and we are always moving. Some days, I don’t think I stop moving until I go to bed at night.

4. Fun fact time…I love…LOVE…the song Galway Girl. It’s an Irish song and I love it. Every time I hear it I love it a little bit more.

5. Little C…


well..he’s sick. And has decided waking up at 6:30 during the summer was being nice so now he’s waking up at 5-5:30 after fussing most of the night. Bring on the coffee!


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