Fun with Food


1. I’ve become obsessed with bruschetta’s for lunch. And all different types of bruschetta. My recent favorite thought…some tomatoes, avocado, olive oil, salt, and lime. So simple…so yummy.

2. I finally…FINALLY…got my wish and went to Raglan Road in Downtown Disney and oh man is the food ever good. I mean like deliciousness. My only regret…not having a Guinness. But this is OK because it totally gives me an excuse to go back. Because I absolutely will be back.

3. I now want to GRILL ALL THE BREAD. Minus the peaches because me and peaches…Blech.

4. One of my most favorite things…Sandwiches. I love them. Stuff stuffed between bread. Lovely carby bread. Mmmmm. And this sandwich?! I mean you had me at tequila 😉

5. Speaking of the perfection that is tequila and lime…I’ve been craving fajitas like mad lately so these will definitely be on the menu this week. Fajitas are easily on my top 10 favorite foods list.


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