BBQ and Blues Fest

Something you should know about me…I love BBQ. And not, let me cook some meat and drown it in BBQ sauce BBQ but meat that’s been cooked slow and low to perfect deliciousness or meat that’s been smoked to perfect deliciousness. You don’t even need BBQ sauce when the meat is cooked right. But I happen to love a good BBQ sauce so I’ll add a little (do not douse your meat in BBQ sauce people). that we’ve gotten that fun fact out of the way…

When I was told there was a BBQ and Blues fest going on this weekend..of course I was going. You had me at BBQ but then you added music to it and made it perfection. It could have been snowing and I would’ve been there.

BBQ and Blues Fest

It was a gorgeous day and the park was filled with trucks cooking up some delicious BBQ. The kids were fascinated with the water shooting from the ground. And by kids, I mean Big C and Little C because Little Miss was all, “I want to go home and play with my friends.” And I was all like, “um no. Go have fun.” She finally did but can I tell you how she has a teenager’s attitude?! And she’s only about to turn 8?! Luckily her Aunt Jen has graciously said Miss K can live with her when she’s a teenager. After about 15 minutes of pouting, she finally got in the water and had fun just like her brothers. I mean how can you not have fun with water shooting out of the ground?!

And of course they had bounce houses too where we discovered that Little C is terrified of the bouncy ground of the bouncy houses.

Moral of this blog post…the music was good, the kids had a blast and the BBQ was amazing. Oh..and to all my Seinfeld friends out there…I found “The Kramer”


So, if you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen trying to recreate some delicious BBQ. Mmmmmm…BBQ.


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