Fit Saturday

I had every intention of writing up my workouts yesterday. Then life happened and every time I would sit down to write, something would happen or someone would need something. So here I am, Saturday morning, finally getting a few seconds to write.

I’ve added a lot more weights into my workout this week. I have to feels good. My muscles hurt but in that good hurt way.

Monday-Yoga Meltdown-I still am in love with yoga and love Jillian Michaels programs. I have gone from doing the beginner moves to trying (and sometimes succeeding) the intermediate moves.

Tuesday-Tabata-5 rounds of each exercise set-20 seconds on-10 off
Set 1-Jump Rope-Thrusters
Set2-High Knees-air squats
Set 3- Weighted butt kicks -hand release push-ups
Set 4-low jacks-dead lift
Set 5-Jumping Jacks-plank


Warm-up-Do 2 sets

50 jump ropes
40 second side plank-do one side the first set and the other side the second set
30 lunges with kick
20 plank to spidey
10 v-ups


21-15-9 -Do 21 reps of both exercises, then 15, then 9

Squat cleans

Thursday-Tabata-5 rounds of each exercise set-20 seconds on-10 off
Set 1-jump rope-push press
Set 2-skaters-Kettlebell swings
Set 3-jump rope-overhead squats
Set 4-skaters-dead lift
set 5-jump rope-plank

Friday-Yoga meltdown level 2






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