Thursday Thoughts

1. Little Miss had her first gymnastics class yesterday and she says she loved it. We’ll see if it’s something she sticks with or if she wants to try something else but for now, she seems eager to learn.


and seriously…how adorable is she?! And she looks way too grown up. I’m not ready for my baby girl to look so old.

2. Speaking of firsts, Little Miss also had her first sleepover this week. And she loved it. I see many more sleepovers in her future.

3. The boys are just crazy. CRAZY. And Little Man has learned how to push all my buttons at once.


4. It seems I will be buying my kids shoes every other day for the rest of my life. After the shoe debacle with Baby Chaos the other day, I found out yesterday that my darling daughter has outgrown her tennis shoes. And when I asked her if they had been hurting her feet, she was all like, “well yeah. I just didn’t think I should tell you.” Um…

5.By 8 am my kids had already asked to go outside about 50 times. And they don’t understand the, “Can I please finish my coffee first” excuse. I think if they could live outside, they would. It’s all we do these days. I’m not complaining but…I just want to finish my coffee.


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