Thursday Thoughts

1. I’m sick. Again. I blame the kids. Baby Chaos got it first, followed by Little Man, and of course Little Miss. And three sick kids always means that one parent will fall victim to the illness and this time, that parent was me. And instead of getting sick while the kids were sick, I got sick the day after they started feeling better. Baby Chaos was literally running circles around me yesterday.

2. Last Saturday the Mr. had a car show all day so the kids and I ventured to Downtown Disney with my Mom and Stepdad.

Downtown Disney

It was such a gorgeous day outside to just walk around and soak in some Disney magic. T’was a good day.

3. The best part of Downtown Disney? The Margarita bar…


I just had a regular ole margarita and it was delish but my mom had a habanero margarita and it was AH-mazing. So good. Just a hint of spice. NOM NOM NOM.

3. Little Man is having some behavior issues lately. He’s the sweetest thing and then he’s all RAWR! I MUST HIT AND KICK AND YELL AND CRY! So that’s fun.

4. The “best” part about Little Man’s behavior issues….


Baby Chaos is picking up on it. So…Little Man will throw something at his brother and then later, Baby Chaos returns the favor. My house is one big ball of chaos these days.

5. Little Miss lost another tooth. She can officially sing, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” And she’s adorable. I was able to take a picture but she won’t let me show anyone..whomp whomp.


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