Fit Friday

I’m going to tell y’all a secret-I have always had major self-esteem issues. I don’t know why or where they came from but I’ve never felt beautiful. I’ve always analyzed myself and compared myself to others.  Why we compare ourselves to others, I’ll never understand. My body is different from yours. We all process everything different and what may work for me won’t work for you. I believe every one should exercise and workout in some shape or form. Running doesn’t work for me. HIIT does. Crossfit type workouts do. Yoga…Yup. So that’s what I do. And guess what..I don’t compare myself to anyone else now except for myself. I compare how I worked out this week to how I did last week. I used to barely be able to do a single push-up and now I find ways to make them more difficult. I used to be able to hold a plank for :20 seconds tops and just yesterday I was able to do one for 3 minutes.

You do what makes you happy. You do what works for you. And one day, you’ll look in the mirror and you’ll see yourself. You’ll see that you’re beautiful and those self-esteems issues will go away. Mine have. I no longer look in the mirror and analyze myself. I no longer look in the mirror and compare myself to some Hollywood starlet. I look in the mirror and I see myself. I see beautiful.

Monday-Yoga Meltdown

Tuesday-Tabata –
5 rounds of each exercise set 20 secs on/10 off
Set 1: Jumping Jacks-Plank to Spidey
Set 2: Burpees-Dead Lift Row
Set 3: Jump Rope-Squats
Set 4: Jump Squats-Lunge with kick
Set 5: Weighted Butt Kicks-Side plank

5 rounds of each exercise set-20 sec on/10 off
Set 1: Pulse Jump Squats-Pulse Lunges
Set 2: High knees-Sumo Squats
Set 3: Jump Rope-Bridge Arm Press
Set 4: Mountain Climbers-One-legged plank
Set 5: Jumping Jacks-Side lunge with tuck

Thursday-At Home Crossfit

20 Minute time cap to do a total of 10 minutes of plank. Every time you break your plank you must do 5 burpees then go back to planking.

*My time was 15:13*

21-18-15-12-9 (do 21 reps of each exercise then 18 of each exercise, 15 of each, etc)

Kettlebell snatch
Kettlebell swings

Friday-Yoga Meltdown part 2


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