See You Later

Our friends are leaving us. And they’re not just any friends, they are family. I have all the sad feelings yet I am so so happy for them. The military is taking them to Germany which is like a bazillion miles away and is the reason I am planning a European vacation.

Luckily, we got to spend some time together this past weekend.

weekend fun

There was sun, and pool, and MARGARITAS, and fun. I don’t think the kids ever wanted to leave. Little Miss was in the pool the entire time and the boys were fighting over cars. Who knew all the boys would be in LOVE with cars?! Minus the wee baby who is the most adorable little chunk. I love him.

I will miss them terribly. One of my best friends will not be a text or phone call away. But we will Skype. We will stay in touch however we can. Because they are part of my family.

In the military, we never say goodbye. Not to our spouses when they deploy and not to our friends when they PCS. Because it’s never goodbye. It’s always see you later. And we will definitely see you later ❤



One thought on “See You Later

  1. Grammie says:

    So glad u could spend some time with them
    Maybe all of u will be able to go overseasand see some
    different countries someday. Nice seeing all of
    u Sunday!!!

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