Fit Friday


Or more appropriately…it’s finally Friday…after a long week…and I’m so glad it’s the weekend!

These workouts were all fantastic this week. Hard enough to feel the burn but not hard enough so I couldn’t walk. Because walking is important. And I conquered my fear of burpees. See me and burpees have this relationship of pure hatred. I don’t do them because they’re just awful. And whenever I start to do them I typically do one or two and am like, Nope. Burpees, you can suck it. But this week. This week I did burpees. And I didn’t hate them (as much) and I did them ALL and I felt great afterwards. So moral of the story…whatever exercise you hate the most…do it. Because that’s the exercise you need to do the most. You hate it because it’s hard. So pick one exercise you hate and do it. Burpees will now be in regular rotation. Until I don’t hate them anymore.

Yoga Inferno-Jillian Michaels

5 rounds of each exercise set 20 secs on/10 off
Set 1-jump squats-hand release push-ups
Set 2-Jump Rope-Lunge with kick
Set 3- Burpees-plank
Set 4-Plank jacks-air squats
Set 5-Jump rope-dead lift row

5 Rounds of each exercise set 20 secs on/10 off
Set 1-Butt kicks-kettlebell swing
Set 2-Jump rope-v-ups
Set 3-Low jacks-sumo squats
Set 4-High knees-plank
Set 5-jump rope-push-up to T

Yoga Meltdown-Jillian Michaels




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