Thursday Thoughts


1. It’s that time again…POOL TIME! For the kids anyway. I still believe the water is too cold and yes I am a big girl when it comes to the temperature of water I’m in. But the kids are STOKED that it is warm enough for them to enjoy.


2. Baby Chaos has discovered the joy of drawing. He loves it. If I ever have a pen in my hand (which is almost always) he immediately comes to me, takes it away, and starts drawing. It’s his thing. He’s also becoming addicted to cars like his older brother which is not going over so well since Little Man thinks that all 5,678 cars that he has are HIS and HIS ALONE! It becomes anarchy when Baby Chaos goes for one of those cars. Which makes daily life fun. Ah the joy of sharing.

3. Speaking of Little Man and his cars…


He seems to always want to play with them in the dirt. And pretend they’re tanks because Mr. Chaos plays a game called Tanks and that makes Tanks the most AWESOME THING IN THE WORLD! So Little Man pretends all his cars are tanks and it’s hilarious to watch.

4. Speaking of hilarious and Little Man…If a Luke Bryan song comes one the radio…he knows exactly who sings it because he’s awesome. Like yesterday when I played Luke Bryan’s “Play it Again,” Little Man came running in and said, “Mommy! It’s Luke Bryan!” Ha! This means one of two things..either my kid is a genius and knows his music OR (and I’m pretty sure this is the reason) I play Luke Bryan songs A LOT. Which I do. Like All. The. Time. So yeah…

5. There’s a wedding this weekend!!!!


My BIL and beautiful fiancee are saying their “I do’s” on Saturday and I couldn’t be more excited for them! It’s going to be amazing!!!!


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Grammie says:

    I would think the water was too cold. We
    will have to get Baby Chaos some cars too!
    Everyone is looking forward to the wedding.
    I like Luke Baby too! Anxious to see all of

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