Blueberry Love

I have a love for blueberries that knows no bounds. So when I found out there was a blueberry festival 15 minutes from my house I was STOKED. An entire festival devoted to blueberries…sign me up. And that’s not even the best part. The best part…it was on a winery. A winery that makes blueberry wine. That’s just all sorts of awesome right there.

I was really, really looking forward to going and letting the kids run wild, picking their own blueberries. Unfortunetly mother nature had different plans and the blueberries weren’t quite ripe for the picking. But that’s OK there was still plenty of blueberry stuff around. Blueberry shortcakes! blueberry smoothies! blueberry wine! blueberry beer! Mmmm blueberries.

And the kids were happy because…BALLOON ANIMALS! WOOO!


Who could resist a balloon Ariel?! The only problem with the balloon animals…it was insanely hot and they spontaneously popped. Which was funny to me and not so much to the little’s. But the balloon creatures lasted most of the day so it was a win.


And the blueberry wine from Keel and Curly winery was delicious.


DELICIOUS. I was in blueberry heaven with the blueberry wine. NOM. All in all, the Blueberry festival made for a nice, fun Sunday afternoon in the sun. And I foresee myself going back to the winery for some more wine tasting. Mmmm Blueberry wine. Try it. It’s delicious.


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