Fit Friday

This has not been my best workout week. I was all pumped to workout on Monday, which is usually the case since I don’t do workouts on the weekend, and 5 minutes in…I rolled my ankle. It was awful and painful and something I haven’t done since my soccer days (I busted up my ankle to the point I needed surgery which I never got and should probably look into doing). I yelled, I cried, I threw my shoe off and across the room, and Little Man (bless his heart) came to check on me and told me everything would be OK.

And it turned out he was right. But I decided to not finish the workout because…ouch…and I have a wedding (YAY) next weekend in which I’m a bridesmaid and need to be able to walk down in heels not a cast or big ankle boot hobbling. And I had to modify the rest of my workouts for the week to involve nothing that would be too much for my ankle, meaning I did lots of weights and yoga. Which was a nice change of pace but I desperately missed my tabata.

5 rounds of each exercise set 20secs on-10 secs off

Set 1- Jump Rope/hand release push-ups
Set 2-Ski Jumps/ sumo squats
Set 3- Jump Rope/ Side Planks
Set 4- Skaters/ lunge with kick
Set 5- Jump Rope/one legged plank


10 reps each exercise for 5 sets

kettlebell swings
lawn mower high pulls (10 each side)
Bridge arm press (10 each side)
weighted squats
Arm press (10 each side)
weighted sumo squats
dead lift row

*I did Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown part 1


*Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown part 2

Enjoy and try not to roll your ankle like me 😉


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