Fit Friday

A lot of people ask me how I’m able to get my workouts in during the day. I’m not going to lie…it’s tough. I love working out so I don’t usually (I do have some days where the last thing I want to do is workout) have to push myself into doing it but with the boys running circles around me (literally) finding time can get tough. Typically, I workout while Baby Chaos is napping and Little Man gets computer time or watches a cartoon and sometimes he joins me in working out. But sometimes, I don’t want to wait to workout until 10:45. Some days I get up and am ready to get my workout on by 9:30 (yes, I have to workout in the morning. If I wait until the afternoon…it doesn’t happen). On those days, I set the boys up with some coloring or blocks to try (key word here is TRY) to keep them entertained. And those activities usually keep them entertained for all of 5 minutes and then, the boys join me. Which I love. I try to encourage them to join in my workouts. It’s actually really entertaining to watch and makes me laugh while my workout is making my muscles want to cry.



5 rounds of each exercise set for 20 secs on/10 off
Set 1-High knees/push-ups
Set 2-ball taps/v-ups
Set 3-Ski jumps/sumo squats
Set 4-jump rope/side lunge with knee tuck
Set 5-Squat jumps/plank

5 Rounds of each exercise set for 20 secs on/10 off
Set 1-Jump rope/push-up to T
Set 2-High knees/weighted squats
Set 3-Jumping jacks/side plank
Set 4-Low jacks/lunge with kick
Set 5-Jump rope/plank

6 rounds of each exercise set for 20/secs on/10 off
Set 1-jump rope/bridge arm press
Set 2-weighted butt kicks/kettlebell swing
Set 3-skaters/dead lift row
Set 4-jump rope/One legged plank



Happy Friday!


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