Fit Friday


But seriously. I’ve been doing consistent workouts for a little over 2 months and it’s paid off huge. Fitness wise, I feel amazing. I fully admit there are some days I want nothing to do with workouts. There are definitely days I have to force myself into it BUT after the first minute or so, I realize working out was the right decision. Adding yoga to my workouts has probably been the best decision ever. It is an entirely different workout and much, MUCH, harder than I ever thought. But even doing a harder yoga workout, my muscles feel completely stretched and relaxed afterward making for a great end of the week. So if you have thought about giving it a try, DO IT.



5 rounds of each exercise set-20 secs on/10 off
Jump rope/side lunge with tuck
Ball taps/knees to elbows
weighted butt kicks/lunge with kick
jump rope/v-ups
ball taps/weighted squats

5 rounds of each exercise set-20 secs on/10 off
jump rope/bridge arm press
skaters/crunch with press
Front to back hops/lawn mower high pulls
side to side hops/one-legged plank
jump rope/dead lift row



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